Erigo Elevators WLL

Erigo Elevators launched at Bahrain in 2008. We work with passion, commitment and expertise to develop solutions for sustainable progress. We keep delivered the most suitable and advanced technical solutions at an attractive cost by considering the values of the customer since we started the operation. This attitude established Erigo Elevators as a trusted brand in elevator and escalator technology in Bahrain.

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“Win the customers trust in vertical transportation
industry across GCC Countries”

Erigo Elevators believes that making relation is easy, but keeping the relations is possible only when it is trustful. We mean trust is your confidence in the quality and reliability of the services we offered. Hence we work hard to keep the trust to serve you better, longer to grow us.


“Encouraging the investors to set up and run long
term investments with confidence”

Erigo Elevators provides accurate solutions from the planning to the maintenance at a competitive an economical rate. Our technical department continually strives to deliver the customer needs at all times which makes the hassle free administration to the investor.

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