We understand either as an owner or as a management it is very important to avoid breakdowns and reduce wear and tear of your elevator to perform with safety at all times.

Hence effective and qualitative periodic maintenance plays an important role to keep the performance and life span of your machineries.Erigo Elevators does the maintenance in a systematic way for all major brands of elevators like Otis, Mitsubishi, Schindler, Unite, Sigma, Kone, Hyundai, Fuji etc. with commitment beyond compare. We provide Erigo Standard and Erigo Plus packages as per the condition of the machinery and customer need. We are maintaining around 300 unites including various types of elevators, escalators and dumbwaiters from different manufacturers.

Erigo Standard offers to the customer 24 hours emergency service and routine monthly maintenance services without any replacement of any equipments. Monthly service comprises the following works. Erigo Plus offers to the customer 24 hours emergency service and routine monthly maintenance services with replacement of equipments. The scope of the work will be same as mentioned in Erigo Standard. Erigo Plus provides additional protection on the below mentioned spare parts.
  • Elevator machine cleaning and the electrical switching apparatus.
  • Cleaning of all movable parts of the guide rails and lubrication.
  • Cleaning of the car top and hoist way pit.
  • Checking and adjusting of the car floor landing doors.
  • Checking and cleaning of the safety gear.
  • Necessary topping of oil in the elevator machine and greasing the required parts.
  • Checking and adjusting all the contacts of the main contactors and control relays.
  • Checking and adjusting all the interlocks of the hoist way.
  • Checking and adjusting of all the switches in the hoist way.
  • Adjusting and repairing of all door closers of landing doors and cleaning.
  • Carry out fault-finding and replace faulty components with cost.
  • Landing operation push buttons.
  • Car operating push buttons.
  • Landing door contacts.
  • Car door contacts.
  • Door rollers.
  • Up-Down limit switches.
  • Slow down switches.
  • Car door shoes.
  • Landing door shoes.
  • Counter rail guide shoe.
  • Car rail guide shoe.
  • Floor level indicator.
  • Over speed governor switches.
  • Tension weight switches.
  • Safety governor switches.
  • Landing door wire rope.
  • Landing lights.
Why Choose Erigo Elevators?
  • Excelled in technology irrespective of manufacturer.

  • Stocking ready to use original spare parts to ensure safe and complete performance.

  • Experienced hands in repairing.

  • 24 X 7 Emergency and On Call service.

  • Helping hands are one call distance apart.

  • Variety of economical plans for individual and multiple units.

  • Dedicated team for each client.

Our team of expertise will make a perfect blend with customer requirement with the latest technology in the era. We believe that service excellence begins with each employee’s commitment to improve the things—no matter how small—that are in their control.

By keeping an “at your service” attitude and striving to exceed our customers’ and each other’s expectations, we are working hard to become a benchmark for superior service.

We are in the supply and installation of various types of elevators and escalators from the OEM’s having TUV and ISO 9001 certification in the Europe and Far East. Our products are supplied based on customer requirement, cost effectiveness and enhanced functional features, which include:

  • Home elevators for Villas.

  • Standard elevators for low rise building.

  • High speed elevators for high rise building.

  • Dumbwaiters.

  • Freight elevators.

  • Bed elevators for hospitals.

  • Panoramic or Glass elevators.

  • Escalators and Travolators.

  • Dust, fire and explosion proof elevators for industrial purpose.

Subsequent to the installation we guarantee the products quality and performance, supply the spare parts and provide 24 hours on-call service.

Erigo Elevators upgrade old elevators into high tech and modern elevators regardless of the manufacturer, design or condition. Modernization includes everything from minor replacement of elevator interior items, to major component upgrades that improve operating performance or energy efficiency, all the way up to complete systems overhaul and replacement.
The efficiency and success of an elevator company very much linked with the inventory department, which is capable to deliver the spare parts irrespective of the manufacture and model. Our experienced hands in the store have a strong relationship with parts suppliers and always keep the rack with spares, which ensures customer satisfaction and cost effective replacement without delay.

24 X 7 X 365 days Emergency service assuring just a phone call away. Our telephones are answered by responsible technicians and ensures service without any delay. We have on-call technicians who are equipped with an extensive spare parts inventory for quick response.

Equipment Survey

Erigo Elevators conduct detailed equipment survey in annually or as and when requested by the customer and also the maintenance audit and safety test. Our well experienced engineers’ survey and they report the condition of the equipment and suggest suitable modernization for your building to avoid costly and time consuming replacement.

Elevator Consultancy

We discuss and suggest various cost effective options at the design stage of the building for maximum utilization of space, assuring that the aesthetic design and architectural value of the building is not interfered.

Erigo Education Program – Emergency Management

Keeping our vision in mind, we not only do the maintenance or installation works but also we take responsibility to educate the building in charge to manage the emergency situation to save all valuable lives in the lift. A specially designed training program by the expert hands including members from safety and technical departments will conduct the training at the respective site and in house. Erigo Elevator is the first company in Qatar conducting such a valuable training program for their clients to keep our great vision.