Erigo is a sound name among the major players in the Qatar market specialized in the elevator and escalator technology and the collection and disposal of used cooking oil. From a humble beginning in the year 2013 as an Elevator Installation and Maintenance Company with 2 technicians, Erigo has now become a leading Elevator company in Qatar handling maintenance service of 500+ elevators (28 brands) and a yearly installations count of 25+ with team strength of 60+ employees under the group.

Erigo widened its services arena in to the Trading and Contracting sector by the year 2015, and ventured into a unique dealing of used cooking oil collection and disposal within a year. Erigo became the foremost company having an ISO and ISCC certification in Qatar.

By the year 2017, Erigo expanded its operations in Oman for the collection and proper disposal of used cooking oil and owned the International Sustainability Carbon Certification ( ISCC ) there in 2018.

The company entered its native market India in the year of 2018, and established Erigo Bio Fuels Pvt Ltd with a social vision to ease the alarming impacts of unhealthy eating habits of its people offering proper disposal of Used Cooking Oil. It is a mid-sized production base aiming mainly on Kerala’s Self-sufficiency vision by ‘value adding’, ‘Job creating’ establishments in the State. Reigate Builders is their group company in India, and a major player in the highly competitive Indian real estate pitch.

After securing the ISCC certifications in Qatar & Oman, the company expanded its wings to North Africa. The company established a state-of-the-art facility in Tunisia with a per day capacity of 30 MT which converts Used Cooking Oil in to Bio Diesel.

Erigo Established in Malaysia during the year 2019 as another expansion, that too for the used cooking oil collection and has started the exports around 1200 – 1600 MT per month to Europe for the bio diesel production. The company expects its next International Sustainability Carbon Certification (ISCC) in Malaysia by the end of 2019.