We understand the need for sustainable and environment friendly alternate source of energy as the adverse effects of conventional fuels to the environment increasing very rapidly. Crude oil prices are also on frequent rise as the demand increases and energy consumption of the world is ever increasing, this has caused the fuel resources dwindle.

We believe that Biodiesel as the best replacement for diesel because of its unique properties like the significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, non-sulfur emissions, non-particulate matter pollutants, low toxicity and biodegradability. Conventional fuels are known for polluting air by emissions of sulfur dioxides, carbon dioxides, particulate matter and other gases. This has resulted to increased research in alternate fuels and a renewable source of energy.

Over last few years, Biodiesel has become the part of the equation because of its benefits over petroleum diesel and is obtained from renewable source like vegetable oils, animal fat etc. Biodiesel is superior to fossil diesel fuel in terms of exhaust emissions, cetane number, flash point and lubricity characteristics, without any significant difference in the heat of combustion of these fuels. Due to benefits like renewable in nature, low cost and greenhouse gas reduction potential, biodiesel is nowadays incorporated all over the world especially in developed countries like USA, France, Brazil in different proportions with diesel.

With a highly committed social vision in mind, Erigo collects waste cooking oil ie. used vegetable oil obtained from cooking food and refining it into biodiesel in an all sustainable way. Repeated frying for preparation of food makes the edible vegetable oil no longer suitable for consumption due to high free fatty acid (FFA) content. Waste oil has many disposal problems like water and soil pollution, human health concern and disturbance to the aquatic ecosystem. Erigo believes rather than disposing it and harming the environ- ment, it can be used as an effective and cost-efficient feedstock for Biodiesel production.